Missouri - GUN & QUAIL CLUB

Archer Range

The Archery range is now open and availble to all members thanks to the hard work of Jim Cain and Ted Wilson. Please review and adhere to the rules outline below.

Safety isn't just a slogan, it's a way of life. ~Author Unknown


  1. NO BROADHEDS Target or Field Points Only
  2. Bail pins or tape may be used to hang paper targets to the target butt. NO NAILS ALLOWED!
  3. 3-D Targets may be placed ONLY in front of the target butt and high enough to stop arrows that may miss the 3-D Target. Again NO BROADHEADS ALLOWED.
  4. All shooters must shoot from the same line.
  5. Shoot only the target butt designated for the distance you are shooting. DO NOT SHOOT ACROSS LANES!
  6. DO NOT Raise your bow hand above your head to draw your bow. Draw with your bow hand at the same height as the BULLS EYE.
  7. Arrows may only be nocked and on the arrow rest while on the shooting line.
  8. Keep all long bows, recurves, compound and crossbows pointed down range at all times when an arrow or bolt is nocked.
  9. Do not walk around with an arrow nocked. Arrows and bolts are nocked on the shooting line ONLY!
  10. Before retrieving arrows wait for all shooters to finish shooting. No one can go down range while another person is in the act of shooting.
  11. No one can be on the shooting line with a bow in hand while people are down range retrieving arrows.