Dog Training

Missouri - GUN & QUAIL CLUB


The club is a Missouri Department of Conservation Licensed Shooting Preserve which allows us to have Bobwhite Quail and chukars. We have two dog training areas, one large and one smaller, for the do-it-yourselfer. The smaller dog training area is approximately 10 acre and is designated a blank-gun only puppy field, which is completely fenced in. The larger dog training area is approximately 25 acres and can be used for complete training with quail*. Birds are typically available between August to April most years.

There are two lakes that can be used for retriever training. "Shoot to Retrieve" trials and AKC Hunt tests are regularly held on the grounds.

The procedure for running your dog in the field is to wait your turn. Do not go into the field while someone else is out training. Alternate fields to run or train your dog are the cleared area on the other side of the big lake or the puppy field (completely enclosed) by the club entrance. NOTE: Blank guns only in puppy field. Read club safety rules for gun handling and wear hunter orange when in the field.


MoGnQ intend to keep prices low as a club member benefit the current price are posted in the building reserved for payment. Only a slight profit is made to cover food, supplies and any birds that die. Birds are paid for in the shed next to the bird pen, which also has a sign-in book, envelopes and a money drop-box. You need to be member of the club and will need to provide name, address and phone number and agree to these rules before access. Any birds removed from the property need to have a yellow transportation tag applied (also by the sign-in book). Each person using birds on the club property requires a Missouri Small Game Hunting License.

Quail and chukar are located in the south pen (pen enclosed with fence). Birds are chased into the catch box by opening the south door and looking in. Birds will walk into the catch box on their own if the catch box door is open. A pole (on top of pen, leaning against fence or inside the south door) can be used to persuade the birds into the catch box. Once the birds are inside the catch box close the catch box door by undoing the clasp and lowering. Shut and lock the south door (place clasp back on door) and open the north door by the catch box. Reach into catch box and place caught birds into a container (best to use gloves). Shut and lock north door (place clasp back on door). Pay for birds (an honor system is used so please pay for birds used or any that escaped when trying to catch them).

When leaving make sure that the bird pen doors are shut and have the locks applied. Make sure that no birds remain in catch box with the catch box door shut. If any dead birds are removed from the pen please log these into the sign-in book (indicate number dead and that they were removed) so I can keep track of what we are losing. Do not put your dead birds in trash can. Throw into the woods if you do not want to keep. If you have any questions or if bird numbers get low (20 birds or less) please contact Rodney Albin (636) 366-9746. If I don’t get calls when birds are low then you may not have birds next time you want to train your dog.

*We now have Pigeons available for $2. If they are killed the cost is $10 each. These are for Training purposes only and not to be shot.